Interior design for 2016

Fashion is an ever-changing landscape of ideas and trends that are quite difficult to keep up with, unless, of course, you are involved with the industry in some way, either as a hobby or as part of your job. Styles in interior design come and go almost as quickly as those connected to hairstyles and clothing, but by reading this short guide hopefully you will get a decent overview of what’s currently hot in the industry.


The first that I want to talk about are the colours that interior designers are using in 2016. This is one of my favourite topics because colour makes up so much of the overall look of a room. The most popular colour schemes centre around two main concepts: stark contrast and warm earthy colours.

%d0%bd%d1%822Some people are going for a bold look with solid and very strong colours for the walls that they then complement with lighter colours in the rest of the décor around the room, such as the trim around windows and doors, rugs, tables, and chairs. This style is beautiful and bold. My favourite thing about it is that it makes the furnishings in the room stand out so much better. Some of the colour choices for these types of designs are bright yellows, emerald greens, burnt oranges, and many different tones of pink.

While I love the strong colours with light contrasting highlights, my favourite colours are the down-to-earth subdued ones. They are colours that you would expect to find in the workshop of a Native American painter. The variations of brown and beige, the greens that look like they came straight from the ground, the reds and the blues all give the feeling of relaxation and calm. These colours, combined with materials and cloth of rough material, bring the viewer of this type of setup into an instant state of groundedness. Something very necessary these days for those who live the city life.


Even though design seems to have gone to a very modern and minimalist place when it comes to materials and furniture, in 2016 this is becoming less often the preferred go-to style of choice. People seem a little bored of the stark white objects and clean straight lines, and we are seeing more of the traditional materials making a comeback.

%d0%bd%d1%823There has been a lot of leather and wood incorporated into these newer designs, focused on an earthier look, and for brightly coloured rooms we can see a lot of objects made of resin and glass. The one common thread that joins the two styles is the fact that all of these materials carry with them a personality of their own. It is often the case that when materials such as these are used, each object is one of a kind.

Popular Furniture

Similar to the push for more natural-looking colours and textures, there is an increasing demand for furniture that echoes these preferences. We are seeing a lot of soft chairs and couches covered in natural feeling fabrics, and coloured in subdued hues such as grey-blues, eggshell whites, teals, and browns, to name just a few. The warm textures and colours are very much in style, and comfort is the name of the game these days. People want to create havens in their homes where they can curl up and read a book after a hard day at work.

Design in a Nutshell

Off-colours, earthy tones, thick materials that are course yet soft to the touch, and bold patterns and designs that tie all of the colours and textures together, make up a very interesting collection of options for this year’s décor. My advice is to decide on a colour palette that includes three colours that are very different but go well together. From there, all you need to do is to figure out which will be the furniture, which will go on the walls, and which one will be the accent colour for both the walls and the furniture.