About Me

When it comes to describing oneself, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly where to start. For me, however, it is not difficult at all. When anyone asks me what I do and what my interests are, I am always quick to let them know about my love for design. I have always been interested in design of all types and styles, but my all-time favourite is interior design. It is truly amazing how much of an impact on our lives our choices of décor can have, and I get great pleasure out of coming up with new ways to create environments that make our lives better.

My Work

I think that my love for interior design comes from my work. I am a magazine editor by day and spend most of my time checking and coming up with page layouts for my company’s publications. For me, designing a page, and all of the elements in that page, is very much like figuring out what looks best in a physical space. Even when I began editing my magazine, I knew that one day I would be working as an interior designer as well, and I couldn’t be happier with myself that I am now following my dream.


My Family

I am not the only happy one in the house. Since I started doing something that I love, my home life is much cheerier and my family feels happy for me. During the weekends my husband and I get together and plan possible configurations for the different rooms in our house, and the time together has brought us much closer. Needless to say, our kids are also happy because their parents are happier and they get new room designs almost every week! What kid wouldn’t want that?

My Blog

I decided to start this blog because all of the ideas that I have started to collect and explore should not be hidden away in someone’s office. Everyone has a right to a beautiful space, and I am here to share my discoveries with all of you.