MUNCIE—Dlynn Melo, clinical informatics director of Cardinal Health System (CHS) was one of four area women nominated for a Leading Light Award, sponsored by Women and Hi Tech.

The annual awards recognize women of achievement in science in technology who set an example for others by demonstrating expertise, professionalism, leadership, service, courage and tenacity in pursuit of their chosen career.

“Dlynn represents a combination of nursing and technological expertise,” said Alexis Neal, senior administrative director of Women and Children’s Services at Cardinal Health System.  “She possesses the nursing skills of an experienced clinician, along with outstanding academic abilities and has demonstrated mastery of many technological disciplines.  Perhaps her greatest accomplishment is helping individuals to embrace technology, instead of rejecting it.”

“I recognize Dlynn for boosting healthcare information technologies (HIT) within all ranks of health care professionals, but also for her innate love for teaching others the use of the right technology for the appropriate task or job at hand,” said Sandra Hoover, director of CHS Volunteer Resources.

Women and Hi Tech serves to engage, educate, and energize women in science, engineering, and technology.  The non-profit organization addresses the needs of women in Central Indiana high technology industries and serves to encourage more women to seek careers in technology.

About Cardinal Health System (CHS)

Cardinal Health System is a regional integrated network providing a full range of health services to the people of East Central Indiana. The major components of the system are Ball Memorial Hospital and Cardinal Health Ventures, which includes Cardinal Health Partners, Midwest HealthStrategies and various joint ventures. Kelly N. Stanley is President & CEO of Cardinal Health System.

About Ball Memorial Hospital (BMH)

Ball Memorial Hospital is the flagship of Cardinal Health System. The hospital serves as a tertiary referral center and teaching hospital for East Central Indiana. Ball Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission and maintains more than one million square feet of facilities. More than 18,000 patients are admitted every year and 150,000 outpatient procedures are completed annually. Brent L. Batman is President of Ball Memorial Hospital.