Renew your home in simple ways

There comes a time when everyone considers making a change to their home décor. While a complete renovation is the surest way to end up with a home that has entirely changed, that is not always a viable option for most people. The obvious alternative to renovation is to find ways to give your home a renewed feeling that are cheaper, easier and less time-consuming.

Colour Scheme

The easiest way to change a home’s appearance is to change the colours in the house. There are three main things to consider when planning a colour scheme. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that your colours should match. This seems obvious but unmatched colours are usually the culprits in poorly designed rooms. The next is to think about the effect. Darker colours should be on the bottom and lighter colours should be above eye level. At eye level, it is a good idea to place objects that tie the colours together. The final thing to remember is that limiting your thinking limits the end result. Have fun and experiment until you find something that works for your space.


%d0%bd%d1%829A quick and easy fix for any room of the house is to change the lighting. It is often quite surprising how much of a difference the right lighting can make. Taking care of those dark corners and making sure that everything in the room is well-lit will improve the feel of your room greatly, because it will make the space feel lighter and airier. Maximizing the natural light coming into a room is also a good way to improve the feel of a space. Using mirrors to reflect incoming light can be a very cheap and fun way to lighten things up.

There are a lot of lighting choices out there, but the most versatile are LED lights. They can be a little bit expensive, but they last a long time and come in every shade and colour tone under the sun. That gives you almost unlimited lighting options that can be modified to suit any occasion.

Refurbishing Furniture

Retouching your furniture with a coat of paint can make a world of difference in the look and feel of your home. If your home is filled with aging wooden tables, cabinets, chairs, and shelves, a simple sandpaper treatment and a couple of coats of paint can turn them into completely new accents to your home décor. In order to add to the effect, adding fun and colourful throws and cushions can give old furniture that extra bit of style that they need.


%d0%bd%d1%8210Adding handmade pots or vases is a great way to add some personality to your home, and if you choose them after the colour scheme has been decided, it is easy to use your decorations to tie everything together, while at the same time adding some needed textures and shapes.

Another thing that can be done is to simplify the storage. Create boxes or crates of some kind that allow all of the clutter to be stored away out of sight. Removing all of the odds and ends from immediate view goes a long way towards creating a fresh feel. It is always good practice to keep your knickknacks stored, and to display only the items that add to the look of the room.